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2020-2025 Market Forecast

Small Arms & Ordnance Manufacturing
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2020-2025 Small Arms & Ordnance Manufacturing Market Forecast

U.S. Market Forecast & Outlook

Forecasting the trends in the market size for the Small Arms & Ordnance Manufacturing industry is a necessary part of the business planning process. AnythingResearch forecasts are used by
  1. Financial institutions seeking to understand credit-worthiness prior to lending
  2. Investors evaluating startups, venture opportunities, and equities
  3. Corporations setting strategy and sales & marketing objectives
  4. Startups demonstrating the "market opportunity" for their business

Small Arms & Ordnance Manufacturing market forecast 2020-2024

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The future growth of the Small Arms & Ordnance Manufacturing is influenced by internal and external factors. Internal factors include structure and competition within the industry, market demand, and innovative and disruptive factors. External factors include the state of the economy and cyclical patterns.

Small Arms & Ordnance Manufacturing Competitor Landscape & Key Companies [PREMIUM]

The most influential companies in the Small Arms & Ordnance Manufacturing industry and adjacent industries either have large market share or are developing new business models and methods that could disrupt the status quo. We look at leading and emerging companies in the Small Arms & Ordnance Manufacturing industry and adjacent sectors:

Market Leaders:
Direct Competitors

Companies with the largest market share, focused in this industry
Market leaders:
Diversified Competitors

Largest companies that have diversified operations in this and other industries
Direct Competitors

Innovative, Emerging, and Disruptive Companies that may influence the future direction of the industry.
Diversified Competitors

Innovators and Disruptors in adjacent industries that may also affect the Small Arms & Ordnance Manufacturing industry.

Innovation News

Executive Briefings

  The markets we serve are highly competitive. Our principal competitor for U.S. We also face competition for U.S. Government business from smaller companies that compete for small business set-aside contracts.  Although we anticipate that robust competition for U.S. military contracts will continue to exist, entrance barriers are high due to rigorous production and quality standards to which defense contractors are subject.  Accordingly, we believe that our ability to ship large quantities of high-quality product on time and our long track record provide us with a competitive advantage over potential new entrants into this market.   8   Outside Canada and the United States, our principal competitors for foreign military and law enforcement sales are foreign small arms manufacturers.  In countries that already have inventories of M16 rifles and M4 carbines in service as a result of prior purchases directly from us or through the U.S. Government’s FMS program, we believe our incumbency provides a competitive advantage. commercial firearms market is highly competitive.  The market is dominated by a small number of well known manufacturers.  In the MSR market, we compete primarily with Bushmaster, DPMS, Daniels Defense and Smith Colt Defense

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