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About AnythingResearch

AnythingResearch was started in Cambridge, MA in 2009 to provide rigorous, data-driven industry research that is clear enough for small businesses to understand, yet of the caliber that large enterprises, investors, and accounting firms require.

We use sophisticated data analysis to create clear, focused reports that enable business executives to make informed, data-driven decisions. Accounting firms, consulting firms, private equity and financial institutions, large enterprises, small business, and startups all use our research.

Our research is unique in three ways:

1) We use our own research. When we assist with strategy consulting or private equity deals, we need reliable, actionable information. We conduct all the research ourselves from primary sources - no outsourcing, no offshoring, no reselling.

2) We have broad-based industry coverage (following the NAICS industry classification).

3) Our research is data-focused and unbiased. Our market size data conforms to the U.S. Census Bureau's Economic Census. Our analysis is data driven, and includes direct quotes from the executives of leading companies.

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