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IBISWorld Competitors and Alternatives

IBISWorld provides market research reports across a wide range of industries. IBISWorld is widely used and heavily marketed. Here are some differences that we noticed (being as objective as possible).

Comparison of IBIS World to AnythingResearch

Global HeadquartersAustraliaUnited States
Research Staff LocationU.S., Australia, IndiaUnited States
AnalysisLengthy industry descriptions by company analystsDirect quotes from leading company management teams and data-driven strategies
Key FeaturesMarket Size
Industry Overview
Market Size
Product/Service Breakdown
Adjacent Industries
SourcesGovernment statistics and internal estimatesConforms directly to U.S. Census data with interpolation of other federal data
Cost per report$990$299

AnythingResearch was launched in 2009 resolve the lack of rigorous research available to small businesses and investors. AnythingResearch uses Big Data to create clear, focused reports that provide data on market changes affecting each of 1,300 industries.

Since then, our research has been used by tens of thousands of businesses, consulting, firms, banks and investors.

Our research is unique in three ways:

1) We are located in the United States and focused on the U.S. market. We don't outsource our research and analysis: we conduct all research and author all reports ourselves.

2) We have broad-based coverage of over 1,300 industries (and conform to the NAICS industry classification).

3) Our research is data-focused and unbiased. Our market size data conforms to the U.S. Census Bureau's Economic Census. Our analysis is data driven, and includes direct quotes from the executives of leading companies.

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