Industry Data & Market Research

Strategic Planning Tools

Strategic planning techniques, coupled with quantitative research, enables companies to outperform the market and take a competitive lead. Dozens of frameworks have been developed over the years by the best business and military strategists. AnythingResearch internally and with our clients, and we have outlined the most common techniques to organize and clarify your executive decision-making process.

These techniques can help:
  1. Evaluate current operations
  2. Examine competitor capabilities
  3. Forecast market trends
  4. Identify related markets and growth opportunities

Should you need direct assistance, AnythingResearch experts have experience working with many leading companies and advising senior executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Strategic Planning Frameworks

Strategic Planning Services

We provide strategic planning services to investors, executives, and small business owners. Email us for more information.

Strategic Assessment
  • Review Business Plan
  • Review Industry Dynamics
  • Identify Problems and Opportunities
Go-To-Market Planning
  • Review existing campaigns
  • Optimize inbound and outbound marketing spend
  • Prioritize vendors and channels
Startup Business Plan Review
  • Edit existing business plan
  • Review alternative business models
  • Prepare pitch decks and capital raising strategy