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Market Size Matters: you can't plan a strategy, start a business, or make an investment without understanding key facts about the Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers industry. Find the information you need to help make the right decisions.

The Report on Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers contains key information used by Marketing Departments in many of the Fortune 1,000 companies and beyond. The report helps identify industry changes, trends, key players, and growth opportunities.

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2016 Market Research Report on Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers Industry

Current Research on the Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers Industry

This section provides answers to fundamental and critical questions about the industry:
  1. What is the total market size ($ millions)?
  2. What is the Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers industry outlook?
  3. Has the market grown or declined?
  4. What is the market growth rate?
  5. Are long term forecasts positive or negative?
  6. What is the industry size and average company size?
  7. How many companies are in the industry?

Market Size Statistics

The total U.S. market size for the Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers industry: statistics cover all companies, both public and private. In addition to total revenue, the industry research provides details on employees, companies, and average firm size in the sector. Use this market information to research and analyze growth rates and the Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers industry trends and market outlook based on quantitative research and economic data.

market size 2016
Charts and graphs can be copied to Microsoft Word and Powerpoint presentations.

Statistics 2010        2011        2012        2013        2014        2015
Market Size
(Total Sales/Revenue)

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Total Firms
Total Employees
Average Revenue Per Firm
Average Employees Per Firm
Statistics Source: AnythingResearch Analysis of US Census and government market data

Market Forecast - Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers[PREMIUM]

Market forecasts show the long term industry outlook & Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers future growth trends. The following five-year forecast utilizes advanced econometric techniques that project both short-term and long-term market growth outlook. The industry outlook can be used to set a strategy applicable to economic realities.

market forecast

Forecast / Industry Outlook 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Market Forecast ($ millions)
Source: AnythingResearch Economic Analysis

Product & Services Breakdown

Research products and services in the Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers industry generating sales. Note that products are broken into categories with different levels of classification.

Product DescriptionNumber of Companies Sales ($ millions) Percent of Total Sales

Industry Total

New And Used Automobiles, Motorcycles, And Trailers

New Automobiles

Used Automobiles


Motor Scooters, Mopeds, And Golf Carts

Light Trucks And Truck Bodies, 14, 000 Lb Or Less

Used Light Trucks

Medium Trucks, 14, 001 Lb To 33, 000 Lb

Heavy Trucks And Tractors, Over 33, 000 Lb

New Heavy Trucks

New Truck Trailers

New And Rebuilt Automotive Parts And Supplies

Brake Parts

Engine Parts, Excluding Electrical Parts

Suspension Parts, Including Shocks, Struts, And Balljoints

Other Automotive Parts And Supplies

Automotive Accessories

Household And Lawn Furniture

Upholstered Furniture

Mattresses And Beds

Lawn And Outdoor Furniture

Other Furniture

Office And Business Furniture

Household China

Linens, Domestics, Curtains, And Draperies

Bedspreads, Blankets, And Bedding

Towels And Washcloths

Flooring And Floor Coverings

Rugs And Carpeting

Other Hard-Surface Floor Coverings And Accessories

Miscellaneous Home Furnishings

Rough, Dressed, And Finished Dimensional Lumber

Untreated Lumber

Treated Lumber


Plywood And Millwork

Softwood Plywood And Oriented Strand Board (Osb)

Other Panel Products

Gypsum, Waterboard, And Other Specialty Boards

Wood Millwork

Metal Millwork

Trusses, Wood Siding, And Wood Shingles

Concrete, Cement, Sand, Gravel, Stone, Brick, Block, And Tile

Ready-Mixed Or Transit-Mixed Concrete

Sand, Gravel, And Crushed Stone

Brick, Block, Tile, And Clay Or Cement Sewer Pipe

Nonwood Roofing, Nonwood Siding, And Insulation Materials

Nonwood Roofing

Nonwood Siding

Insulation Materials

Flat Glass And Other Construction Glass

Other Construction Products And Materials

Prefabricated Buildings And Non-Wood Structural Assemblies

Other Construction Materials

Photographic Equipment And Supplies

Office Equipment, Excluding Computers

New Computer Equipment


Computer Storage Devices

Computer Printers

Other Computer Peripheral Equipment

Packaged Computer Software

Restaurant And Hotel Equipment And Supplies

Store Machines And Equipment

Store Fixtures And Displays

Surgical, Medical, And Hospital Supplies

Surgical And Medical Instruments And Equipment

Orthopedic And Prosthetic Appliances And Supplies

Other Surgical, Medical, And Hospital Supplies

Optical And Ophthalmic Goods And Supplies

Miscellaneous Professional Equipment And Supplies

Semi-Finished Iron And Steel Products

Flat Iron And Steel Products

Iron And Steel Wire And Wire Products

Iron And Steel Pipes And Tubing

Other Iron And Steel Products

Alloy Steel

Stainless Steel

Copper And Brass

Aluminum Shapes And Forms

Other Nonferrous Metals

Coal And Coke


Minerals And Ores

Electrical Apparatus And Equipment

Power And Distribution Transformers

Switchgear And Switchboard Apparatus

Motors And Generators

Conduit, Raceway, And Fittings

Electric Light Bulbs

Interior Wiring, Excluding Conduit

Exterior Wiring And Cable, Excluding Conduit

Lighting Fixtures

Industrial Controls

Other Electrical Apparatus And Equipment

Electric Household Appliances

Electronic Parts And Equipment

Integrated Circuits

Capacitors And Resistors


Electronic Connectors And Other Passive Electronic Parts

Other Electronic Parts And Equipment

Communications Equipment And Supplies


Other Communications Equipment


Hand Tools, Including Power Driven Tools

Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, And Other Fasteners, Excluding Nails


Plumbing And Hydronic Heating Equipment

Plastic Pipe Fittings And Valves, Excluding Pipes And Tubing

Metal Pipe Fittings And Valves, Excluding Pipes And Tubing

Plumbing Fixtures

Hydronic And Gas Furnaces, Stoves, Water Heaters

Boilers, Radiators, And Convectors

Well Pumps And Motors

Other Plumbing And Heating Equipment And Supplies

Forced Air Heating And Air-Conditioning Equipment

Forced Air Furnaces

Central Air-Conditioners

Air Cleaning And Filtration Systems

Registers, Grills, Duct Insulation

Refrigeration Equipment And Supplies

Construction And Mining Machinery

Used Construction And Mining Machinery And Equipment

Farm Machinery, Equipment, And Parts

Used Farm Machinery And Equipment

Lawn And Garden Machinery, Equipment, And Parts

Food-Processing Machinery, Equipment, And Parts

New Commercial Food-Processing Machinery

Hydraulic And Pneumatic Pumps, Motors, And Parts

General-Purpose Industrial Machinery

New Pumps, Compressors, And Equipment

New Diesel Engines, Excluding Automotive Engines

New Controlling, Recording, And Indicating Instruments

Other New General-Purpose Industrial Machinery

Used General-Purpose Industrial Machinery

Metalworking Machinery, Equipment, And Parts

Materials Handling Machinery, Equipment, And Parts

New Conveying Equipment

New Hoists And Cranes

Oil Well, Oil Refinery, And Pipeline Machinery

New Oil Refining And Pipeline Machinery

New Oil Field Machinery, Equipment, And Supplies

Other Industrial Machinery, Equipment, And Parts

New Metal Smelting And Refining Machinery

New Power Plant Machinery, Excluding Electrical

New Printing Trades Machinery

New Textile And Sewing Machinery And Equipment

New Woodworking Machinery

Other New Industrial Machinery And Equipment

Used Industrial Machinery And Equipment

Mechanical Power Transmission Supplies

Industrial Valves And Fittings

Hydraulic And Pneumatic Valves

Industrial Containers And Supplies

Other Industrial Containers And Supplies

Abrasives, Strapping, Tape, And Inks

Janitorial Equipment And Supplies

Service Establishment Equipment And Supplies

Other Service Establishment Equipment

Aircraft And Aeronautical Equipment

New Aircraft

New Aircraft Engines And Engine Parts

Other New Aircraft Equipment And Supplies

Used Aircraft And Aeronautical Equipment

Marine Machinery, Equipment, And Supplies

New Ships And Boats, Excluding Pleasure Boats

New Marine Supplies

Other Transportation Equipment And Supplies

New Transportation Equipment, Excluding Automotive

Used Transportation Equipment, Excluding Automotive

Sporting And Recreational Goods And Supplies

Firearms, Ammunition, And Reloading Equipment

Bicycles And Bicycle Tires And Tubes

Billiards, Pool, And Bowling Equipment

Camping And Fishing Equipment And Accessories

Athletic Equipment And Accessories

Skiing And Snowboarding Equipment

Marine Pleasure Craft, Equipment, And Accessories

Other Sporting And Recreational Goods

Toys And Hobby Goods And Supplies

Video Game Players

Other Toys And Games, Including Children's Vehicles

Crafts And Craft Supplies

Other Hobby Goods And Accessories

Ferrous Metal Scrap

Prepared Ferrous Metal Scrap Processed

Prepared Ferrous Metal Scrap Not Processed

Nonferrous Metal Scrap

Aluminum Scrap

Other Nonferrous Metallic Scrap

Recyclable Paper And Paperboard

Recyclable Materials

Recyclable Textiles


Jewelry, Diamonds, Gemstones, And Watches

Musical Instruments And Supplies

Nonlumber Forest Products

Miscellaneous Durable Goods

Works Of Art

Other Miscellaneous Durable Goods

Fire Extinguishers And Fire Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Printing And Writing Paper

Office Paper, Office Supplies, Greeting Cards, And Labels

Paper And Plastic Products


Knit And Woven Piece Goods


Men's And Boys' Clothing

Men's And Boys' Suits, Coats, And Formal Wear

Men's And Boys' Shirts, Slacks, And Jeans

Other Men's And Boys' Clothing

Women's, Misses', And Girls' Clothing

Women's, Misses', And Girls' Dresses And Blouses

Other Women's, Misses', And Girls' Clothing

Infants' And Children's Clothing, To Size 6x


Packaged Frozen Food

Frozen Meals

Frozen Fish And Seafood Products

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Fruits And Fruit Juices

Frozen Meat Products

Frozen Baked Goods

Other Frozen Foods, Excluding Frozen Dairy Products

Frozen Poultry Products

Dairy Products


Ice Cream And Other Frozen Dairy Products

Raw Milk And Cream

Other Dairy Products

Poultry And Poultry Products

Other Poultry




Chips And Popcorn

Other Confectioneries

Fish And Seafood

Fresh Meat And Meat Products

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh Fruits

Prepackaged Fresh-Cut Vegetables

Other Fresh Vegetables

Coffee, Tea, And Powdered Drink Mixes

Bread, Baked Goods, And Baking Ingredients

Bread And Rolls

Cookies And Cakes

Cooking Oils And Margarine


Refined Sugar


Baking Mixes And Dough

Other Baked Goods, Including Crackers

Nonperishable (Canned) Food

Nonperishable (Canned) Fruits, Vegetables, And Juices

Pickles And Olives

Sauces, Salad Dressing, Dips, And Vinegar



Other Canned Food, Including Canned Poultry Products

Soft Drinks And Bottled Water

Food And Beverage Basic Materials

Grocery Specialties

Grains, Beans, And Seeds

Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, And Goats





Hides, Skins, And Pelts

Leaf Tobacco

Inedible Farm Products

Horses, Mules, And Donkeys

Raw Cotton

Plastics Materials And Basic Shapes

Chemicals And Allied Products

Refined Petroleum Products

Motor Gasoline

Jet Fuel, Naphtha Or Kerosene

No. 2 Distillate Fuel Oil

All Other Distillate Fuel Oil

Lubricating Oil And Greases

Liquefied Petroleum (Lp)

Crude Oil

Other Petroleum Products

Beer And Ale

Wine And Distilled Alcoholic Beverages

Farm Supplies

Tobacco And Tobacco Products

Paint, Paint Supplies, Wallpaper, And Wallpaper Supplies

Books, Periodicals, Newspapers, And Other Printed Materials

Flowers And Florists' Supplies

Art Goods, Including Novelties And Souvenirs

Textile Bags, Bagging, And Burlap

Wigs, Yarns, And Leather Products

Service Receipts And Labor Charges

Receipts For Service Contracts

Miscellaneous Commodities

Rental And Operating Lease Receipts

U.S. Geographic Distribution: Revenue Statistics by State

Market Size by State ($ millions) indicates how the industry's competition is distributed throughout the country. State-level information can identify areas with higher and lower market share than average.

U.S. map of Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers by state

Price Trends for Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers

This section shows how prices are changing within the on a month-to-month basis. Price changes may be affected by seasonal demand, or by larger movements in product sales.

price index trends

Income Statement (Average Financial Metrics)

Financial metrics provide a snapshot view of an "average" company. Key business metrics show revenue and operating costs. The data collected covers both public and private companies.

Industry AveragePercent of Sales
Total Revenue

Order at top of page
Operating Revenue
Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Profit

Operating Expenses
Pension, profit sharing plans, stock, annuity
Rent paid on business property
Charitable Contributions
Domestic production activities deduction
Compensation of officers
Salaries and wages
Employee benefit programs
Taxes and Licenses
Bad Debts
Other Operating Expenses
Total Operating Expenses
Operating Income
Non-Operating Income
EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes)
Interest Expense
Earnings Before Taxes
Income Tax
Net Profit
Source: AnythingResearch Analysis of U.S. federal statistics

Financial Ratio Analysis - Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers

Financial ratio information can be used to compare how a company in the industry is performing relative to its peers. Accounting statistics are calculated from the industry-average for income statements and balance sheets.

Profitability & Valuation Ratios - Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & BrokersIndustry Average
Company valuation can be measured based on the firm's own performance, as well as in comparison against its industry competitors. These metrics show how the average company in the Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers industry is performing.
Profit Margin
Gross Profit Margin, Operating Profit Margin, and Net Profit Margin. Show company earnings relative to revenues.
Return on Equity (ROE)
Return on Equity (ROE) is net income as a percentage of shareholders' equity. Shareholders' Equity is defined as the company's total assets minus total liabilities. ROE shows how much profits a company generates with the money shareholders invested (or with retained earnings).
Return on Assets (ROA)
Return on Assets (ROA) is net income relative to total assets. The market research on Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers measures how efficiently the company leverages its assets to generate profit. ROA is calculated as Net Income divided by Total Assets.

Liquidity Ratios - Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & BrokersIndustry Average
Bankers and suppliers use liquidity to determine creditworthiness and identify potential threats to a company's financial viability.
Current Ratio
Measures a firm's ability to pay its debts over the next 12 months.
Quick Ratio (Acid Test)
Calculates liquid assets relative to liabilities, excluding inventories.

Efficiency Ratios - Key Performance IndicatorsIndustry Average
Measure how quickly products and services sell, and effectively collections policies are implemented.
Receivables Turnover Ratio
If this number is low in your business when compared to the industry average in the research report, it may mean your payment terms are too lenient or that you are not doing a good enough job on collections.
Average Collection Period
Based on the Receivables Turnover, this estimates the collection period in days. Calculated as 365 divided by the Receivables Turnover
Inventory Turnover
A low turnover rate may point to overstocking, obsolescence, or deficiencies in the product line or marketing effort.
Fixed-Asset Turnover
Generally, higher is better, since it indicates the business has less money tied up in fixed assets for each dollar of sales revenue.

Compensation & Salary Surveys for Employees

Compensation statistics provides an accurate assessment of industry-specific jobs and national salary averages. This information can be used to identify which positions are most common, and high, low, and average annual wages.

TitlePercent of WorkforceBottom Quartile Average (Median) SalaryUpper Quartile
Management Occupations 7%

Order at top of page
Chief Executives0%
General and Operations Managers3%
Business and Financial Operations Occupations 6%
Sales and Related Occupations 43%
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing 35%
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing 35%
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products 6%
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Except Technical and Scientific Products 29%
Office and Administrative Support Occupations 22%
Information and Record Clerks 6%
Transportation and Material Moving Occupations 10%
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Companies in Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers and Similar Industries[PREMIUM]

Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers market research identifies top companies with the largest estimated market share. Information includes corporate earnings and public company ticker symbols where available.

CompanyAddressRevenue Estimate

Public Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers Company News

Web scan for recent news about public companies. Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers market research on key company news, and Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers statistics.

The market size analysis identifies the overall sales data within the industry. Statistics break down facts about companies within the market.

Government Contracts Related to Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers

In 2014, the federal government spent a total of $18,643,656 on Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers. It has awarded 352 contracts to 102 companies, with an average value of $182,781 per company.   

Top government vendors:

CompanyFederal ContractsTotal Award Amount

Growth Opportunities / Competitive Threats

Companies in other industries may also sell similar products. Since there is an overlap in the customer base, there may be an opportunity for companies in Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers to sell additional products/services offered by these adjacent industries. Alternatively, these industries may identify further products in this industry to target. Products most at risk are those with the highest profit margins and lowest barriers to entry.

The following industries are competing channels for sales of similar products/services.

Electrical Apparatus And Equipment
Competing IndustrySales Relative to Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & BrokersOpportunity/Threat
Electrical Equipment & Wiring Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

Since sales from Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers are a small fraction compared to other industries selling Electrical Apparatus And Equipment, companies in the Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers industry have the opportunity to expand their product offering to take share from these adjacent industries.
Electrical Apparatus And Equipment Product Sales Report

Packaged Frozen Food
Competing IndustrySales Relative to Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & BrokersOpportunity/Threat
Packaged Frozen Food Merchant Wholesalers
General Line Grocery Merchant Wholesalers Competing industry
Poultry & Poultry Product Merchant Wholesalers Competing industry
Meat & Meat Product Merchant Wholesalers Competing industry

Sales from other industries of Packaged Frozen Food are less than those from Wholesale Electronic Markets & Agents & Brokers. This may mean that other channels are a competitive risk of increasing their Packaged Frozen Food sales, taking market share from this industry.
Packaged Frozen Food Product Sales Report

Grocery Specialties
Grocery Specialties Product Sales Report

Electronic Parts And Equipment
Electronic Parts And Equipment Product Sales Report

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables
Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Product Sales Report

Dairy Products
Dairy Products Product Sales Report

Plumbing And Hydronic Heating Equipment
Plumbing And Hydronic Heating Equipment Product Sales Report

Pharmaceuticals Product Sales Report

New And Rebuilt Automotive Parts And Supplies
New And Rebuilt Automotive Parts And Supplies Product Sales Report

Nonperishable (Canned) Food
Nonperishable (Canned) Food Product Sales Report

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